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The Bone Daddy Diaries: Day Two

Began injections today. So far, I don't feel like death!

I woke up this morning at about 8AM. I began making breakfast and by 8:30, I had removed from the fridge three little vials of the aforementioned drug, filgrastim. Before long, it was time for the shots.

Now, as I mentioned before, I hate needles. But as a part of the procedure, I must administer these shots once per day for four days. Day One, they were administered by Renetta at the blood center. But Days Two, Three, and Four, I'm on my own to stick a needle into my skin myself! How do diabetics, folks who take hormones, etc. do this?!

Thanks, Alfre. I can't do it alone.

I had Alfredo do it for me. The vials must be refrigerated, but it's advised that you remove them a half-hour before your injection so they can regulate up to room temperature (otherwise, it's uncomfortable... you know, more uncomfortable than sticking yourself with a syringe to begin with).

Following Renetta's instruction I remembered from the blood center, I took my blood pressure and heart rate with the little monitor I was lent. I took my temperature with this nifty disposable thermometer. I filled each syringe with the filgrastim and handed them off to Alfre.

He used the provided alcohol swab to cleanse the skin and made the injection.

Now, we're not talking needles the size of turkey basters or anything. These are literally like... baby needles. I'm just a baby, that's all. It stung, but it was over soon enough. Having taken the drug out of the fridge definitely helped (it was fresh out of the fridge yesterday at the blood center).

We slapped a band-aid on and called it a day.

Very likely the last gym day until after the donation.

As Day Two progressed, I did notice some lower back pain. Nothing major at all - think the feeling you get when you sleep incorrectly and have a knot back there. That's all. I took a Fioricet and managed. It's important to note that you cannot have aspirin while on this drug. I didn't ask why. Thankfully I have a stock of Tylenol and Fioricet (which is essentially Tylenol mixed with caffeine... basically).

I felt well enough to even jog for about three miles (1.5 to the park; 1.5 home) and got a solid workout in. So far, so good.

As mentioned previously, the filgrastim is supposed to make you feel kind of awful; like you have the flu. I will continue to update each day on the progression of the side effects.


Day One: ✓

Day Two: ✓

Day Three: _

Day Four: _

Donation Day: _


If you are interested in signing up to become a bone marrow donor yourself, please visit

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