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The New Normal

How am I adjusting? Fine! Just fine.

Today is April 19, 2020.

Another jump in time.

I keep trying to keep some sense of normalcy during this time. Far-right protesters have begun anti-quarantine protests (because they're stupid). My parents are anti-COVID truth, too. It's all so much.

For my own health, I have switched up my diet and workout routine. I've been intermittent fasting during the morning until noon, at which time I have a small lunch; workout around 4, large dinner around 7. I like to keep myself on some sort of plan - it grounds me.

This weekend I should have been in Manhattan at the ASJA conference (I recently became a member of the ASJA last month). Alas. Alfre had purchased a plane ticket to join me, too. Yesterday we had tickets to the matinee of Hadestown and the evening performance of Jagged Little Pill. To make up for all of that, we watched Falsettos on Broadway HD instead, with some NY-style pizza from a local pizza joint, and we made some theatre cocktails in our theatre cups. It was cute. He really is a gem.

Tonight, I updated my website for shits and giggles. It's Sunday and I'm prepping for tomorrow.

There's a chance that we will slowly be allowed to return to work by late summer or the autumn. Not everyone at once, but department-by-department, over time. No idea when our department would return though.

We keep having Zoom meetings and happy hours to keep spirits up. Governor Abbot has said Texas' economy will reopen bit by bit beginning May 1. Not sure how that's gonna go, but we'll see.

I left the office March 16.

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