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What's in a stimulus check?

The government is discussing stimulus checks, but how are they playing out?

Today is Monday, March 23, 2020.

The weekend wasn't anything too weird. It actually almost felt like a break from it all. While I did do a little work, I mostly just prepared for the week ahead. I did some grocery shopping to stock up the fridge and pantry. There is talk about the government sending out stimulus checks to the people (these talks have been going on for weeks now). The Republicans, as to be expected, have been absolutely trash about it. The Dems killed the bill because it was written to be kind to businesses and corporations, and not so great for the people. It's being rewritten now.

Currently, the City is not being quarantined. We all expected it to be announced this morning (Dallas announced a stay-at-home order yesterday), but we didn't get it in today's presser. Everyone is wondering why.

On NPR, they're discussing freezing the economy and paying the American people a living wage to do nothing for three months. The government isn't discussing that (publicly, anyway), but the economists are saying that would be the best option. Who knows if that would ever actually happen. Guess we'll find out.

Personally, I have been doing my best to adhere to social distancing. I'm trying to stay away from people, with the exception of a grocery run here or there. I workout at home or at the park (which is still allowed, so long as you are away from others). I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

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