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a small selection of samples.

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For media purposes, you can download my headshot here.

Photographer credit: Doug Atkins.

Sample One

HIV disproportionately affects people in the South. Why is Texas trying to cut funding?

(as published by Spectrum South)


Sample Two

Is there such a thing as eating too healthily? Technically, yes.

(as published by Legacy Community Health)

Sample Three

In Defense of Trans Youth in Alabama

(as published by Spectrum South)

Sample Four

Manic Panic or (A Micro-Nonfiction About Annie Clark and How She Helped Me Grow)

(as published by Anomalous Press)

Sample Five

One Boy, Three Childhoods

(as published by The Bookends Review)

Board of Directors

Advisory Board Member

The Garden Theatre
Advised new theatre company with emphasis on public relations.

Board Observer / Event Chair

Pride Houston
Founded Pride Houston’s very first event celebrating trans+ and nonbinary people.

"Genderless Cocktail Party" launched in 2019 to media fanfare.


Political Communications Director

Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus
Liaised between electeds and constituents to offer hype-free breakdowns of policy as they pertain to Houston's LGBTQ+ community.

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