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Sample One

HIV disproportionately affects people in the South. Why is Texas trying to cut funding?

(as published by Spectrum South)

Sample Two

Queer Fitness Instructor Bethany C. Meyers on Finding Yourself...

(as published by Spectrum South)


Sample Three

Eric Edward Schell on Overcoming COVID and Embracing Identity

(as published by Health Care Advocates International)

Sample Four

Manic Panic or (A Micro-Nonfiction About Annie Clark and How She Helped Me Grow)

(as published by Anomalous Press)

Sample Five

Mulholland to Marfa: How a Couple Destined for Hollywood Found Home in West Texas

(as published by Spectrum South)

Sample Six

Not the End of Me: Musician Steve Grand Sheds Light on Life After Love

(as published by Spectrum South)

Sample Seven

Kicking ASS' Ass: A Tale of AIDS Survivor Syndrome

(as published by HIV Advocates)

Sample Eight

Break up with Tina.

(as published by Legacy Community Health)